Privacy's next big thing
Few technological developments will impact data privacy as significantly as the smart grid. The smart grid will transmit energy usage data, in some cases down to the appliance level, from households to energy suppliers, resulting in a rich cache of some of our most intimate information. Scenarios are being proffered about what could be done with such telling household data, causing tongue wagging for some and hand-wringing for others.
Enterprising retailers, marketers and others are at the ready and for good reason; some suggest the smart grid will be "bigger than the Internet." Already, energy companies are being besieged with requests for data. One utility was receiving so many requests for the data, and there were so few regulations to guide its release, it was inspired to create a customer data task force and privacy principles. Later this year, Xcel Energy will become one of the first utilities to include privacy principles in its tariff--the document to which utilities are held accountable by regulators.
In this month's Inside 1to1: Privacy, you'll hear more about what Xcel is doing to manage customer trust in the smart grid environment. They are at the leading edge of their field.
Our second story this month comes in the form of an interview with a man who has spent decades immersed in the fields of advertising, marketing and journalism. Bob Garfield discusses how ongoing technological advancements have turned upside-down the world of media and advertising as we know it and what those in the field must do in order to survive into the post-media age.
Bob will join us at the upcoming Privacy Academy in Baltimore. We hope that you will, too.

J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP
Executive Director, IAPP


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