Consumer research firm Nielsen and Web data collection company eXelate Media are forming a new alliance aimed at creating more detailed consumer profiles, the Wall Street Journal reports. Advertisers will be able to purchase data from eXelate's research on more than 150 million Internet users and Nielsen's database on 115 million American households, the report states. "We can build profiles from any building blocks," says Meir Zohar, chief executive of eXelate, which has offices in New York and Israel. "Age, gender, purchase intent, interests, parents, bargain shoppers--you can assemble anything." Lawmakers, regulators and privacy advocates, however, are warning such a move could be too intrusive. "If consumers learn that information about them has been compiled from multiple different sources, it certainly could cause them to be concerned," says Christopher Olsen of the Federal Trade Commission. (Registration may be required to access this story.)
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