Become an IAPP leader
Six thousand members. Hundreds of volunteers. The privacy profession and the IAPP continue to experience rapid growth. But we need your help! Be one of the hundreds of IAPP members worldwide who are actively engaged in building the privacy profession as advisory board members with the IAPP.

Eligible members are encouraged to apply for volunteer leadership opportunities on one of the IAPP’s advisory boards, including its board of directors. Most terms will begin in January, 2010.
Submit your nomination(s) by October 30

Education Advisory Board

The Education Advisory Board supports the creation of compelling and timely programming for IAPP conferences and audio series. The boards convene for monthly conference calls, during which members offer guidance on emerging privacy trends and issues, and recommend programming on global privacy issues that beginner and advanced privacy pros need to know. Other contributions include networking with peers to promote, support, and field inquires on IAPP event programming.

Privacy Advisor Advisory Board

Help guide the coverage of privacy and security issues for the Privacy Advisor, the IAPP’s monthly newsletter. The success of this important member benefit depends upon you, our members, who make sure the content is useful and fresh. This advisory board convenes once each month by teleconference, where members suggest timely, relevant content based on their work in the field of privacy. Besides meaningful participation in the monthly conference call, members of this board are expected to provide articles for the publication. Members may also be asked to recruit potential authors.

INSIDE 1to1: Privacy Advisory Board

In conjunction with Peppers & Rogers Group, the IAPP publishes the monthly e-newsletter, INSIDE 1to1: Privacy, which explores the relationship between privacy and trust. Privacy pros on this advisory board convene monthly by teleconference with Don Peppers and Martha Rogers to generate story ideas relevant to privacy and trust. Privacy thought leaders, practicing privacy pros, and attorneys are encouraged to lend their expertise on this board and help guide insightful editorial content for this popular e-newsletter.

IAPP Certification Advisory Boards

IAPP certification advisory boards meet regularly via teleconference to provide insight into and perspective on certification course requirements, testing protocols, continuing education, and program oversight. Opportunities exist to develop future credentialing programs. The IAPP seeks senior privacy officers, attorneys, and consultants with demonstrated subject matter expertise in the areas covered under IAPP privacy credentialing programs: foundation course (CIPP), U.S. government (CIPP/G) and Canadian privacy (CIPP/C).
IAPP Canada KnowledgeNet Chairs
KnowledgeNet Chairs organize meetings in their respective cities for IAPP members. The Office of the Privacy Commissioner of Canada has provided a grant to help establish KnowledgeNet chapters in cities across Canada. As a result, all meetings in 2009-2010 will be open to all individuals wishing to attend

IAPP Canada Advisory Board

The IAPP Canada Advisory Board (CAB) comprises a minimum of 12 privacy professionals who actively participate in developing programming and content for IAPP Canada. A two-year commitment is required. Members will provide guidance and strategic input, and serve as leaders in the promotion of IAPP Canada and all of its programs and activities. Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year. Candidates, or those nominating on another's behalf, should include in their nomination brief biographical data and an objective for serving on the CAB.

IAPP Board of Directors

The IAPP Board of Directors comprises a minimum of 18 privacy professionals who actively participate in various aspects of IAPP operations. A five-year commitment is required for this board, whose members work to help the organization achieve its mission. Nominations may be submitted at any time during the year. Candidates, or those nominating on another’s behalf, should include brief biographical data and an objective for serving on the board of directors in their nomination. The Nominating Committee will consider candidates late in the year, and will forward its recommendations to the full board of directors for consideration and election.

IAPP Advisory Board Qualifications
The Nominating Committee will assess nominees based on their qualifications, including, but not limited to:

    * Participation in IAPP conferences
    * CIPP status
    * Submission of articles to IAPP publications
    * Existing leadership roles within the IAPP
    * Industry diversity, geographic diversity and gender/race/ethnic diversity.

Please send nominations by October 30 to J. Trevor Hughes, CIPP, IAPP Executive Director at: jthughes@privacyassociation.org.


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