OPC publishes DPI research

The privacy commissioner of Canada has released a series of essays on the subject of deep packet inspection. The essays are intended to give Canadians more insight into a method that the Office of the Privacy Commissioner (OPC) has received a number of complaints about. “Technology can often be beneficial,” OPC Director of Research, Education and Outreach Colin McKay told CBC News, “but sometimes you do have to be, if not critical, at least questioning to make sure...the technology really is positively affecting your life.” The essays present an array of perspectives.
Essay titles:
Just Deliver the Packets
DPI as an Integrated Technology of Control—Potential and Reality
Deep Packet Inspection: Its Nature and Implications
Objecting to Phorm
Transport and Tracking
DPI: The Future is Out There
Phorm: A New Paradigm in Internet Advertising
Deep Packet Inspection and the Transparency of Citizens
The Privacy Implications of Deep Packet Inspection
Net Neutrality and Deep Packet Inspection: Discourse and Practice
The Greatest Threat to Privacy
Deep Packet Inspection—Bring It On
Deep Packet Inspection is Essential for Net Neutrality
Badware and DPI

http://dpi.priv.gc.ca/ (English)
http://iap.priv.gc.ca (Français)



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