Privacy Commissioner releases assessment tool

Ontario’s Information and Privacy Commissioner Ann Cavoukian has released an assessment tool for companies that share their online identity management systems.
The New Federated Privacy Impact Assessment (F-PIA): Building Privacy and Trust-enabled Federation whitepaper will help ensure end-to-end privacy across all members of an association or federation.

“Whether you’re dealing with data in motion or data at rest,” said Commissioner Cavoukian, “privacy assurances must be given by every member of the federation to ensure consumer confidence.”

The commissioner collaborated with Joseph Alhadeff, chief privacy officer at Oracle and a member of the Liberty Alliance Project, to bring the tool to fruition.

“Limiting the amount of personal information you provide in a federated identity management system is a significant best practice with regards to privacy,” the commissioner said.

“Companies that are part of the federation cannot rely on a PIA that they may have produced for their business alone. I am urging them to conduct an F-PIA or Federated-PIA.”

“After reading the guidance in this white paper, the next logical step for a federation would be the development of a formal F-PIA,” Alhadeff adds. “Organizations and federations should use it, along with numerous other PIAs and development tools currently in existence, to create measurable standards against which privacy and trust can be evaluated and implemented.”

For more information: www.ipc.on.ca/images/Resources/2009-02-02-F-PIA_Release_Toronto.pdf


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