CDT, Health Privacy Project Join Forces

The Center for Democracy & Technology (CDT), a nonprofit public interest organization and the Health Privacy Project (HPP) have merged to help resolve privacy concerns associated with health information technology.

In a press release, CDT President and CEO Leslie Harris said that the combined strengths of the organizations make for a program "uniquely qualified to address the privacy challenges posed by the electronic exchange of personal health information," adding that the potential of health information exchange will be realized only if privacy is addressed.

Devan McGraw takes the reins of the HPP, stepping in for founder Janlori Goldman who will now serve as a senior advisor for the project. McGraw has a background in health policy and information privacy, and is a co-chair of the Confidentiality, Privacy and Security Workgroup of the American Health Information Community.

"This is a critical time for health information privacy," said McGraw. "Consumers want the benefits of (technology-enabled) healthcare and they want assurances that their privacy will be protected. We can and must move forward on both fronts."


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