PossibleNOW Launches CompliancePoint Brand

PossibleNOW, a provider of consumer privacy preference management consulting services and technology solutions, has named its direct marketing compliance consulting and audit services division as CompliancePoint.

The new name reflects PossibleNOW's commitment to the direct marketing industry and reinforces the company's focus on the integration of compliance with consumer marketing legislation into marketing operations. CompliancePoint offers consulting, audit services and a suite of audit validation tools.

Ken Sponsler, CIPP, who served as the General Manager of the compliance and audit services group, will retain the same position with CompliancePoint.

"Branding our compliance and audit services division as CompliancePoint reflects the vital role that compliance plays in direct marketing," said Scott Frey, President and CEO of PossibleNOW. "Our company is the leader in consumer privacy preference management technology solutions. However, an organization doesn't have to subscribe to our technology solutions to take advantage of our CompliancePoint services."

Services offered by CompliancePoint include audits of marketing compliance operations, written compliance guidelines development, pre- and post-call data analysis, and call center and vendor certification programs.


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