Benefit Solutions by GE, a leading provider of employee benefit options, is offering identity theft protection to help employees guard against the menacing risk of fraud.

"There is a huge and growing demand for programs that can help employees defray the high costs of healthcare, as well as reduce the threat from a variety of other risks," said Eric Kirchner, national sales leader for Benefit Solutions by GE. "Employees are spending money and time on benefit and personal issues today more than ever before. So businesses are looking for useful, cost-effective enhancements to their benefit programs. That's where GE can help."

Benefit Solutions by GE provides a portfolio of non-insurance health discount options, including dental, visions, prescription, legal and supplemental options. Employers are able to select the benefits that best suit their businesses.

"Employees are asking for more voluntary benefits," Kirchner said. "We can provide employers what they need to round out their benefit portfolios, so they can recruit great new employees and take better care of the ones they have."


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