The IAPP is fortunate to have Margie Lesage come aboard after this New England native moved from the mountains of New Hampshire to the Maine Coast.

"It was a longtime dream to live in York," said Margie, who became the IAPP's Office Manager in October when Jen Chapman moved into a new position as Registrar.

Margie set sail for the coast after a 10-year career with Sport Graphics in West Boylston, Mass., a sports photography company that specializes in regattas. During her decade-long tenure there, Margie traveled to regattas around the country to head up the company's sales and marketing efforts.

Prior to her career at Sports Graphics, Margie had impressive longevity at Digital Equipment in Maynard, Mass. During her 20-year career at Digital, Margie served in various capacities, including human resources, personnel systems and software marketing.

Visitors to the IAPP's York offices have the distinct pleasure of first meeting Margie, who heads up the office's administrative duties in the lobby.

"I am perfectly suited to serve the needs of the IAPP and its members after a career that has given me expertise in diverse areas," Margie said. Despite her success, Margie is still eager to learn new skills. She is taking night classes in medical terminology.

In her spare time, Margie finds serenity in seaside walks — a passion she enjoys in all types of weather. She also enjoys spending time with family and friends.

It was the International in the IAPP that most caught Bethany Moulton's attention. The University of Maine graduate has worked for six years at the prestigious Alford Lake Camp for girls in Hope, Maine, as the Extended Trip Coordinator for exchange programs.

The international studies and political science major planned trips and then traveled with groups of teen-age girls to England, Ireland, Scotland, Japan and Italy.

It's a lot of responsibility," Bethany recalled of her travels with the energetic teens. "My favorite part of the trips was getting people to see how everyone in the world has commonalities. We all wake up everyday and try to do the best we can for our kids."

Bethany said she enjoys learning about other cultures. "My interest in International Studies in school has always been the cultural and historical part of learning about other nations," she said.

With her well-honed planning skills, Bethany is serving the IAPP membership as Conference Coordinator.

"The IAPP is serving members from different countries, but one thing all privacy pros grapple with is how to best manage privacy and security within their country's legal and regulatory framework," Bethany said. "We strive to serve the diverse needs of our members with a wide array of educational programming."

A Maine native, Bethany enjoys outdoor activities, including kayaking, hiking and snowboarding. She is an art lover who paints and takes photographs. Many of her most favorite pictures she took during her exchange trip decorate her Kittery walls, where she lives with her husband, Erik.


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