During an Internal Governance Session in the Second Seminar, an informal survey of a limited number of businesses found that:

  • 75 percent were members of the EU/US Safe Harbor scheme
  • 83 percent used contracts to govern transfers
  • 67 percent were considering binding corporate rules in the EU context
  • 66 percent subscribed to a privacy seal

Updates Since the Most Recent Seminar
For an announcement of the decisions that followed the most recent seminar, see the APEC Web site, www.apec.org. To date, the most significant development has been the APEC Ministers' continued commitment to the development and implementation of the Framework. In November, two months after the second seminar, the Ministers stated in their 2005 Joint Statement that:

"Recognizing the importance of uninterrupted information flow, Ministers endorsed the International Implementation Guidance Section of the APEC Privacy Framework and commended the Electronic Commerce Steering Group (ECSG) for its completion and publication of the APEC Privacy Framework, taking note of the two successful technical assistance seminars on domestic and international implementation of the Framework."

For the full Statement, see "2005 17th APEC Ministerial Meeting, Joint Statement by APEC Ministers", 16 November 2005, online at: www.apec.org/apec/ministerial_statements/annual_ministerial/2005_17th_apec_ministerial.html.



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