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The Privacy Advisor | Congratulations to our Graduates! Related reading: Mass. weighs in on Equifax: Who else might?


Congratulations to our Graduates!

The IAPP congratulates these recent graduates of the Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) and Certified Information Privacy Professional/Government (CIPP/G) credentialing programs. Each person below  successfully completed IAPP certification testing at the HIPAA 11 Summit in Washington D.C. in September 2005:

Sally H. Amundson, CIPP
Virginia L. Bartlett, CIPP
Debra Bishop, CIPP
Terry D. Boyd, CIPP/G
Lisa M. Christopher, CIPP
Ozell Cox, CIPP/G
Ellie Fehrman, CIPP
Sanjoy Goyle, CIPP
Joseph William Griffin, CIPP
Brandon W. Gust, CIPP
Michael T. Harmon, CIPP/G
Cheri Huber, CIPP
Ross T. Janssen, CIPP
Martin P. Keane, CIPP
Robert Landreth, CIPP
Robert E. Lester III, CIPP/G
Scott Maguire, CIPP
Lisa Martinelli, CIPP
Kristen J. Matthews, CIPP
Nina McCombs Hix, CIPP
William Forrest McCune, CIPP
James H. McFadden, CIPP
John C. McKenney Sr., CIPP
Peter McLaughlin, CIPP
Christopher J. McLean, CIPP
Kim Merrill, CIPP
Claire Miller, CIPP/G
Britton N. Murray, CIPP
Stephanie Musso, CIPP
Keith A. Myers, CIPP/G
Matthew H. Neels, CIPP
David B. Nelson, CIPP/G
Carol S. Pockrus, CIPP
Darin W. Powell, CIPP
Cynthia T. Reindl, CIPP
Edna Gayle Rucker, CIPP
Kurt E. Sanders, CIPP
Janice Schuck, CIPP
Murrell G. Shields, CIPP
Debra Silvers, CIPP
Sandra J. Sinay, CIPP/G
Felicity A. Soles, CIPP
Ken Sponsler, CIPP
Elizabeth A. Stone, CIPP
David W. Wagner, CIPP
Neal G. Walters, CIPP
Paul J. Warwick, CIPP
Kristin H. West, CIPP
Steven Yonkers, CIPP/G
Harry A. Zunino, CIPP


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