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Global Privacy Summit Cancellation FAQs

In consideration of growing concerns about COVID-19, on March 11th, the IAPP has decided to cancel the Global Privacy Summit. Click here for more information, and below are the FAQs.

I was going to earn continuing privacy education credits at the event. How else can I earn them?

You can view CPE opportunities here:

I was registered for training only. When and where can I train now?

You can transfer your training registration to any upcoming trainings, including live, live online or online delivered by the IAPP. Alternatively, you can schedule a training with one of our Official Training Partners, and we will help you with that transaction. Please contact for further information. You can also visit:

I was registered for the Global Privacy Summit (2-day, 3-day, or 4-day registrations). Will I get a refund?

Due to the complexity of this situation, the IAPP is working as quickly as possible on all the elements required to cancel an event. We will communicate more as soon as possible.

Can I transfer my credit to another person?

Due to the complexity of this situation, the IAPP is working as quickly as possible on all the elements required to cancel an event. We will communicate more as soon as possible.

Will the IAPP cover other costs incurred in booking travel to and accommodation for the conference?

The IAPP is not able to accommodate financial losses due to this cancellation. We encourage you to contact your travel provider and hotel.

Is there any documentation I can give my boss to show that the event was officially canceled?

Please see here:

I was exhibiting at event, and my booth materials were already delivered. How do I get them back?

We are actively communicating with the venue on this issue. We will be directly in touch with those who have shipped materials to the venue as soon as possible.

I was exhibiting at the event. Will I receive a refund?

Due to the complexity of this situation, the IAPP is working as quickly as possible on all the elements required to cancel an event. We will communicate more as soon as possible.

I was a sponsor for the event. Will I receive a refund?

Due to the complexity of this situation, the IAPP is working as quickly as possible on all the elements required to cancel an event. We will communicate more as soon as possible.

Will any of the event content be incorporated into future events?

The IAPP’s primary focus is delivering a high-quality and timely programming. It is our hope that we will utilize this content in future conferences or events.

Can webinars or virtual sessions be created in place of the conference?

We are working to propose a rich menu of options, virtual and – environment permitting – in person, to replace the invaluable educational, training and networking opportunities that you missed.

Why did you wait until March 11th to cancel?

The COVID-19 situation has been dynamic. The IAPP wanted to ensure it was exploring every option before disrupting the work and travel plans of our speakers, sponsors, attendees and staff. The IAPP decided to cancel the event in light of the growing concerns over the global spread of COVID-19 and increasing numbers of speakers, sponsors and attendees unable to attend due to corporate travel restrictions.

Are events like the Privacy Bar Section Forum canceled?

Yes. All IAPP events scheduled from Sunday, April 5th through Wednesday April 8th are canceled.

Do I need to cancel my hotel room?

Due to the event cancellation, all reservations within the IAPP hotel room blocks have been cancelled. If you wish to keep your travel plans, please re-book directly with the hotel. If you booked outside of the room block, you will need to cancel your reservation.

I still have questions? Who can I contact?

Please contact

Assistance and accommodations: We’re happy to help. If you need any special accommodations (i.e. person who is blind/visually impaired or person who uses a wheelchair), please contact in advance to arrange assistance at the Summit.

Dress code: We're an informal bunch. Wear whatever makes you comfortable, but you can't go wrong with business casual. Speaking of comfort, bear in mind that you'll be doing a lot of walking during the Summit. You should plan to wear comfy shoes for most of the week. It would also be wise to dress in layers so that you'll be comfortable both in heavily air-conditioned session rooms.

Method of payment: You can make payment by check, wire transfer, Mastercard, Visa, American Express or Discover. Please email us for wire transfer information.

Registration policy: Registration fees represent the cost of a single pass per person. Sorry, no sharing passes.

Active Learning Day registration policy: You cannot change your registered Active Learning sessions once on-site. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Session Recordings: Select sessions will be audio recorded live and made available to registered attendees after the conference.

Conduct at IAPP Events: The IAPP is dedicated to making our meetings and events safe places for all. We do not tolerate harassment of any kind. We insist that all participants at IAPP events — whether attendees, staff, speakers, exhibitors or sponsors — demonstrate respect and courtesy to all. This includes refraining from inappropriate language, comments and behavior, in person or by electronic communications (such as social media).

Anyone who has experienced improper behavior in violation of this policy is encouraged to report it immediately to IAPP event staff. IAPP staff members are trained to elevate such issues immediately. Alternate methods of reporting issues include emailing IAPP President & CEO J. Trevor Hughes at, or contacting a member of the IAPP Board of Directors. The IAPP reserves the right to rescind registration or attendance at any IAPP event at any time for violations of this policy.

Tax deductibility: Training expenses, including your registration fee, travel, lodging and meals, may be tax deductible if they’re for maintaining or improving your professional skills. Consult your tax advisor. IAPP Federal Tax ID 23-3048008.

Inviting a guest? Fantastic! We can’t register your guest online, but we welcome them to register on-site. They’ll get to enjoy meals, receptions and entrance to the exhibit hall, for a fee. Guests include a spouse/significant other, friend or adult child (18 or older) who is not in an industry-related occupation. Coworkers or associates in the industry don’t qualify.

Photography/video: Please be aware that the IAPP will be taking photographs and video in public areas of the conference (session rooms, Exhibit Hall, etc.). We may use such media in marketing materials, educational products and publications. Your image and the sound of your voice may be recorded. If you are identified during the recording, or identify yourself by name, that information may be included in our materials. Recordings may be edited, copied, exhibited, published or distributed.

Badge Scanning: As you enter each educational session, you’ll have your badge scanned by an IAPP staff member standing outside the session room. We use this information to improve logistics at future events and process mandatory continuing legal education credits, if applicable. This information will not be shared.

Please note: Exhibitors and/or sponsors at sponsored speaking sessions or in the Exhibit Hall may wish to scan your badge so they can contact you with more information. The IAPP uses Expo Logic to provide badge scanning services to exhibitors and/or sponsors who request it. By allowing an exhibitor and/or sponsor to scan your badge, you are consenting to have Expo Logic provide the exhibitor and/or sponsor with your contact information, and thereafter you may be contacted by the exhibitor and/or sponsor post-event.

Please note: The views and opinions expressed in program sessions are those of the speaker(s) and do not necessarily reflect the positions of the IAPP.