CIPP/G Certification

Set yourself apart with the first publicly available privacy certification for government employees.

We also recommend the CIPP/G for vendors, suppliers and consultants who serve government clients. Why? Because achieving a CIPP/G demonstrates that you have a deep knowledge of U.S. government privacy laws, regulations and policies specific to government practice. It also shows you have a broad understanding of the laws and policies applicable to public and private sectors in the U.S., all of which gives you an edge over your competition.

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Certified Information Privacy Professional/Government



  • U.S. Government Privacy Laws
  • The Value of Privacy to U.S. Government Agencies
  • U.S. Government Privacy Practices
  • Privacy Program Management and Organization
  • Privacy and the Federal Government Intelligence Community

The CIPP/G body of knowledge outlines all the concepts and topics that you need to know to become certified. It also has an exam blueprint that gives you an idea of how many questions from each topic area you can expect on the exam.

Get started today! Sign up for IAPP training right away and when it’s time, register to take your exam. To help you get ready for the test itself, check out our tips on how to prepare for your exam.

Here are our top five reasons why IAPP certification and training are sure to advance your organization.

  1. The CIPP is the global industry standard for professionals entering and working in the field of privacy. 
  1. Achieving a CIPP/G credential demonstrates understanding of a principles-based framework and knowledge base in information privacy within the U.S. government context.
  1. You’ll be recognized as part of an elite group of knowledgeable, capable and dedicated privacy and data protection practitioners.
  1. Holding a CIPP/G designation elevates your leadership profile among your colleagues. 
  1. The CIPP/G is a key benchmark among top employers for hiring and promoting privacy professionals.

Want to learn more? Read the IAPP Certification Information Candidate Handbook to find out everything you ever wanted to know about IAPP certification.