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How a CIPP Credential Has Raised My Professional Profile

In this interview, Sylvia C. Diaz, CIPP/US, associate director of information at a global biotechnology company, talks about how IAPP training and certification have given her a valuable added skill set, as well as the importance of privacy education in information governance and records management. 

What role does privacy play in your job? 

As we implement different projects, we’re always mindful of protecting information—not just from a technology perspective, but from an intellectual perspective as well. This extends to human resources data, data privacy and beyond. 

What motivated you to seek CIPP certification?

In my previous job in information and records management, I reported to the chief privacy officer. He afforded me the opportunity to learn about information and data privacy and encouraged me to take the IAPP training classes and become CIPP-certified. I saw this as a tremendous opportunity to increase my personal knowledge and gain a new skill set. 


"Since becoming CIPPcertified, I speak from a different perspective and with more authority. I’m more aware of and more sensitive to the privacy aspects of managing information than before I was certified."

Sylvia C. Diaz, CIPP/US Associate Director of Information Governance at a global biotechnology company


How has having privacy knowledge helped your career?

In my current role, having knowledge of the laws and regulations around privacy and data protection has given me a different level of understanding. My training and certification help me tremendously in knowing the privacy requirements around the world, and keep privacy at the forefront of my mind when it comes to my day-to-day responsibilities.

What is the most significant takeaway you gained from IAPP certification? 

I feel a real sense of pride and prestige now that I can add CIPP to my title. But really, it’s the sense of awareness I got through the IAPP training classes that’s the most important piece of knowledge I gained from certification. I can’t say I’ll remember every single law in every country, but there’s that awareness that you have to be sensitive to these requirements. 

How important do you think it is for professionals involved in records and information management/governance to hold IAPP certification?

I’m working to sell the idea of IAPP certification to my colleagues in information governance and records management. Privacy isn’t just an issue for the IT department anymore. It’s up to a team of individuals with different areas of knowledge to make sure privacy is being attended to on all fronts. As a member of both the IAPP and ARMA International, and seeing the growth in complexity of information management, I’ve come to realize that today, more than ever, records managers need to expand their knowledge field into many different areas—technical, privacy, etc. I chose to concentrate on privacy as it’s essential to the protection of information assets. I urge all my colleagues to consider obtaining a privacy certification through the IAPP. 

Has your CIPP certification given you an edge in your career?

It’s boosted my career without a doubt. When I changed jobs, one of the reasons that I was an interesting candidate for them was because I had CIPP certification. And that, combined with my information governance background, is rare, which is unfortunate because I think more people need to recognize that they really go hand in hand. 

What are some of the other benefits of being associated with the IAPP?

The IAPP does a fantastic job; it’s been an invaluable resource for me. They’re the place to find answers, whether it’s through their newsletters, e-mails, networking meetings, the Summit and the Academy—all tremendous sources of information to keep abreast of the ever-changing privacy landscape.

How do you intend to maintain your knowledge in the privacy field moving forward?

I attend the Summit, and I’m thinking about attending the Academy. I also enjoy the KnowledgeNet meetings, which put me in touch with a valuable network of local contacts.

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