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How Lockheed Martin Is Using IAPP Certification and Training to Reduce Risk and Create a Business Opportunity 

As a company that deals with national security affairs, Lockheed Martin has always placed a premium on protecting classified information. Four years ago, the company created a core privacy team, of which several members achieved their CIPP certification independently. But, with rapid changes in technology and an increased societal emphasis on privacy, Lockheed Martin quickly recognized the importance of privacy education for staff that touch all types of data, across the enterprise. They sought the IAPP’s help to bring in formal training throughout the organization. The company has already hosted seven on-site IAPP training sessions and now boasts more than 200 IAPP privacy-trained employees.


Providing In-depth Privacy Education to Non-privacy Staff across the Organization 

Lockheed Martin works on programs that require employees to take on privacy responsibilities as part of their job. They are required to handle a significant amount of personally identifiable information (PII) within their program, which means their knowledge of privacy is crucial. Jim Byrne, CIPP/US, CIPP/G, CIPP/IT, Chief Privacy Officer at Lockheed Martin, elaborates: “Our privacy program is about building trust with our customers, employees, partners and vendors to ensure that the information we collect is safeguarded and used appropriately under the circumstances.” Lockheed Martin was especially concerned that employees filling the privacy role on programs that involve PII receive training to reduce risk, demonstrating its commitment to privacy. 


In-person Privacy Training and Certification Testing Delivered On-site

The IAPP worked with Lockheed Martin to implement ongoing sessions of in-person training at their Bethesda, Maryland headquarters. Members of the IAPP’s Professional Privacy Faculty presented the seven-hour Certification Foundation training session to employees and then offered the Foundation exam the next day. So far, more than 200 employees have participated in one of the seven on-site training sessions, with additional sessions being planned on a continual basis. The training sessions are offered specifically to those employees who handle PII internally, as well as employees working on external programs that involve PII. 

"IAPP training raised the bar on our privacy education. It's created networking for our people across the corporation to reach out to other professionals in the space."

Jim Byrne, CIPP/US, CIPP/G, CIPP/IT, Chief Privacy Officer, Lockheed Martin 


Reduced Risk, Differentiation in the Marketplace 

While there was never an incident that drove Lockheed Martin to create its privacy program four years ago, the company recognizes the benefit of reducing the risk that an incident could occur. Byrne says the steps Lockheed Martin has taken to address privacy across the corporation “demonstrate that we take privacy seriously.” Employee reaction to the training has been positive as well, according to Byrne: “They understand the value of the training.”

In addition, Byrne says the company’s IAPP training and certifications give Lockheed Martin a competitive advantage. Byrne says his goal is to eventually have a CIPP on every program Lockheed Martin works on that handles PII.


Implement a Customized Program to Further Increase the Number of Privacy-trained Employees 

Byrne says he “would like the net to be cast much broader” as to which employees throughout the organization are privacy trained. To this end, Lockheed Martin is working with the IAPP to develop a two-hour tailored training program based on relevant sections of the CIPP bodies of knowledge—plus a short segment specific to Lockheed Martin practices. 

The advantage of this shorter, customized program is that it will be accessible to many more employees. Byrne says the result will be improved decision making when it comes to privacy issues, but also, employees will have the knowledge to drive the expectations for programs involving personal information. 

Byrne stresses that Lockheed Martin is trying to balance this two-hour training with the full IAPP training and certification program. “Ideally employees would do both, but at least complete the two-hour training module,” he explains. 

Lockheed Martin will be expanding the IAPP training program globally. “I want as many certified people as possible, even in our international locations,” says Byrne.

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