Each year, the IAPP welcomes two or more recent graduates to spend 12 months on site with our team, working with the Vice President of Research & Education and the Research Director, and pursuing a broad array of privacy research projects. The fellowship program, which bears the name of Dr. Alan Westin, a foundational scholar in the field of privacy, will serve as a pathway for future leaders who aspire to join the privacy community.


Dr. Westin focuses his practice on studying, writing, and consulting about the impact of information technology on individuals, organizations, and society. His award-winning book, Privacy and Freedom(1967), is one of the leading works in this field, and has influenced privacy theory and practice worldwide for generations. In 2005, Dr. Westin received the Privacy Leadership Award of the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Description of the program

The IAPP Westin Fellowship Program was created in 2013 to encourage and enable research and scholarship in the field of privacy. Each year, topics for research, which is intended to support the growth and development of the privacy profession, are selected based on their direct relevance and impact for practicing privacy professionals.

Who can apply?

Applicants from all disciplines are encouraged to apply. Previous research or experience in privacy law, information technology, sociology, marketing and business may be useful. A strong academic record and completion of an undergraduate degree from an accredited four-year program are minimum requirements; post graduate experience is preferred.

How long do the fellowships last, and can they be extended?

Fellowships are awarded for one year typically beginning and ending in late summer. Under normal circumstances fellowships may not be extended.

How many positions are open each year?

For the 2019-2020 term, only one fellowship position is available.

Will fellows need to be physically located at the IAPP?

Yes; fellows are required to be physically located at the IAPP’s office in Portsmouth, New Hampshire during the term of their fellowship. They will receive a work space, computer and standard office equipment.

Is compensation provided with a fellowship?

Yes; compensation is approximately $45,000 per year (depending on credentials) plus a generous employee benefits package.

What types of applicants are you seeking?

Successful applicants will have a strong academic background in a relevant field(s), proven communication skills and a passionate interest in privacy issues. They must be interested in pursuing a long-term career path in the field of privacy.

How do I apply and what materials will be required with my application?

Please visit www.iapp.org/westin-research-center/apply/ to apply online. In addition to a completed application, academic references, CV, personal statement and writing sample will be required. 

How will the selection process be handled?

Applications will be reviewed by the Vice President of Research & Education and the Research Director.  The IAPP will conduct screening interviews of some of the applicants and may require additional information as part of the application process. Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled. 

What will the fellowship year look like, and what are the required products upon completion?

During the fellowship, approximately half of the fellow’s time will be devoted to selected research topics, the other half focusing on substantive IAPP projects. The fellow may complete a white paper, research report, academic article or similar publishable deliverable during the fellowship. The work product should be of sufficient quality for publication through professional or academic channels as well as useful to practicing privacy professionals.

What is the timeline for applications and notification of acceptance?

The application process opens on October 1, 2018 and ends on November 9, 2018. An initial interview may be scheduled at any time after a candidate’s application is received but we will strive to conduct all initial interviews before mid-December, 2018.

The one-year fellowship term generally begins in late August.