Manish Kumar




Manish Kumar serves as the DPO of Dyson. Prior to Dyson, Kumar served at numerous senior positions across investment banks, payment gateways, insurance companies, and consultancy.
Known throughout the industry as a strategic thinker, innovator and a proven leader, Kumar has been able to influence multiple regulatory reforms such as GDPR in Europe, CCPA in US, and has assisted the congress in the tabulation of the initial US Federal Privacy Bill. Over the years, Kumar has also assisted multiple investigations such Facebook senate committee (on government behalf).
Kumar is a thought leader and has spoken at events such as IAPP Data Privacy Conferences, Oxford & Cambridge Compliance events and Universities of Oxford & Stanford. He recently completed his Executive MBA with distinction from Oxford. During his time at Oxford, he led multiple law and compliance societies and helped mature the compliance leadership program for University of Oxford & the Stanford University. He has previously studied B.Sc in Computer Science (with distinction) from Sheffield, where he also served as the Student Union President for 2 years.


Contributions by Manish Kumar

  • Incident and Breach Response Management: Building a Harmonised Response Plan
    Speaker at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2018