Founder, Principal

Ben Rapp founded Securys to help enterprises balance the interests of everyone affected by the use of personal data - consumers, employees, suppliers and the wider public- to deliver the benefits of technology and achieve business growth without causing harm.


A philosopher by training, Ben cares deeply about the ethical aspects of privacy; being also a serial entrepreneur, he sees privacy done right as a means to secure a competitive advantage and build more profitable, sustainable enterprises. That’s why in 2020 Securys launched Privacy Made Positive, a year-long research project to put hard figures against this thesis that enterprises with better privacy perform better. Part one of the research with economic consultancy Llewellyn Consulting has evidenced the positive impact on share value, employee productivity and consumer loyalty. Visit to learn more and request a copy of the 80+ page eBook with all of the research.


Ben previously founded, ran and successfully exited Managed Networks, the leading provider of IT services to the entertainment industry. He is a Certified Information Systems Security Professional with the Information Systems Security Management concentration, a Certified Information Privacy Professional/Europe, a Certified Information Privacy Manager and an IAPP Fellow of Information Privacy; he's also a Chartered Information Technology Professional and a Fellow of the British Computer Society.


Securys actively supports the IAPP’s global privacy community – as Silver Members, as KnowledgeNet Chair and as event sponsors.


Contributions by Ben Rapp