Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova, CIPP/E



Senior Associate, DPO

Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova works as an external privacy, data protection and cybersecurity consultant. Anna holds a CIPP/E certificate, local Latvian DPO certificate and ISACA CSX (Fundamentals) certificate. Her work is devoted to consulting companies and individuals on the EU data protection and privacy regulations (including representing them within different types of privacy-related processes and conflicts) for the EU and international clients. Moreover, Anna teaches privacy, data protection and cybersecurity to students and professionals (on average in 3 universities and around 4 educational sessions per year for professionals).

Anna volunteers for such organizations as ISACA (board member for events locally and social media advocate globally, as well as she does publications for the global ISACA), MyData Global (member and volunteer for events and other initiatives), Association of Certified Latvian Data Protection Officers (volunteer for publications and events), Legal Hackers Riga (responsible for events and one of the founding and decision-making members), Riga Tech Girls (mentor for information security and data protection career development) and Startup Wise Guys (mentor for startups).

Anna is an active speaker for privacy and cybersecurity events and has many publications on the subject. Anna holds an LL.M degree and is an MBA in cybersecurity.

She has lived in three countries representing Easter Europe, EU and the Northern America


Contributions by Anna Vladimirova-Kryukova

  • Member of European Advisory Board 2022 - 2023