Robert Griffiths



Manager, Privacy and Data Protection

Robert is a Senior Privacy Specialist based in Melbourne and known as KPMG Australia’s resident GDPR Expert. Robert began his career working in the global IT department of one of the world’s largest marketing firms before moving into a Data Protection Officer position for one of the UK’s largest social housing organisations where he took part in many privacy forums and chapters as a speaker and organiser. A British citizen, Robert moved to Australia where he designed and implemented a global privacy framework spanning 23 jurisdictions for a major global cosmetics retailer originating in Melbourne. He has since consulted clients spanning numerous industries, including the automobile industry, food manufacturing, professional services, local government, health, education and finance and his most recent accomplishment involved the development of a bespoke privacy framework for one of Australia’s big 4 banks. In his spare time, Robert can be found playing video games and sipping Espresso Martinis.”