Judith van de Vorle, CIPP/E, CIPM


Iron Lady Consulting

Business Consultant

Judith van de Vorle is a business consultant known for her knowledge in bridging the gap between business, legal and IT. With a background in business administration, she has worked many years for governmental organizations as a project-leader and business analyst, often focused on implementing legal changes into information systems.

Since 2017 she has expanded and developed her business to include the field of privacy where she advises voluntary-based organisations on privacy issues. She also works within the Dutch justice arena, implementing privacy guidelines for their business operations and also conducts Privacy Impact Assessments in cooperation with their legal department. She understands businesses concerns’ on privacy regulations, and has consulted and advised businesses in that regard.

Judith has worked many years for an international consultancy organization with clients in the public sector. She worked as a consultant on client’s sites, working closely with principal consultants on business development. Since 2018 she has been self-employed, working as a privacy business analyst within the Dutch public sector. 


Contributions by Judith van de Vorle

  • Member of Training Advisory Board 2021 - 2022