Mark Jaffe



Leader, Ethics and Compliance Program

Mark Jaffe leads the Rivian ethics and compliance program which includes privacy legal and operations. He leads a team of privacy professionals, lawyers, and compliance professionals responsible for developing and implementing Rivian’s privacy legal and program operations and the ethics and compliance program. Mark and his team work on issues related to privacy, information governance, and data ethics.  

Prior to joining Rivian, Mark was Senior Vice President for Privacy at Teleperformance, a global business process outsourcer operating in over 80 countries. At Teleperformance, he was responsible for a team of privacy professionals building and scaling a global privacy program. While at Teleperformance, Mark spent almost two years in Singapore managing privacy issues in the Asia Pacific region. During his time at Teleperformance, he also managed privacy issues in the Americas and Europe, Middle East, and Africa. Prior to joining Teleperformance, Mark spent 17 years at AT&T in global privacy roles as well as global compliance and ethics roles.

He is a frequent speaker on a variety of topics related to privacy and ethics and compliance. Mark earned his B.A., cum laude, from Duke University and his J.D., cum laude, from Northwestern University. 


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