Elena Vrakatseli



Group Data Protection Officer

Elena Vrakatseli (CIPP/E, CIPM) is the Data Protection Officer for the Euromedica Group, one of the largest private healthcare groups in Greece, which operates clinics and diagnostic centres throughout the country.

Elena is a qualified lawyer and member of the Athens Bar Association. She holds a Law Degree from the University of Athens and a Masters in Medical Law from Cardiff University Law School.

As a legal consultant advising healthcare companies for over 14 years, she has extensive knowledge and experience in data protection law. She also has a wealth of experience in other key areas, including healthcare operation, clinical trials, AI in healthcare, and patients' rights. Her role as a Data Protection Officer and involvement in achieving GDPR compliance by healthcare companies has brought her to the forefront of modern privacy issues.

Elena Vrakatseli is focused on the protection of the rights of patients in the rapidly evolving environment of medical technology and science. 


Contributions by Elena Vrakatseli

  • Health Data and Insurance Companies
    Speaker at Virtual Greece KnowledgeNet: 14 April 2022
  • Women in Privacy and Security
    Speaker at Virtual Greece KnowledgeNet: 21 December 2020