Julia Prigoncha, CIPM


Data Protection Association

Chairwoman of the board

Julia Prigoncha, CIPM,

(Chairwoman of Data Protection Association, DPO for Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Arbitration court).

Julia is a legal practitioner specializing in data protection and regulatory compliance. Prior to her transition to a legal profession, Julia worked in sales and marketing in international FMCG companies. Working in marketing, sales or legal work is very similar if you put at the heart, the Customer. At the end of the day, it is all about Customer and Investor confidence.

My experience includes, being Department Head (Impulse Channel) with NESTLE S.A. In this role, Julia was responsible for developing and implementing strategy and business plans within the department. Currently, she is Chairwoman of the board with the Data Protection Association, of Bulgaria. This Association actively takes part in the legislative process, disseminates best practices, and gathers like-minded experts passionate about data protection.

Julia also serves as Data Protection officer with the Bulgarian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Arbitration court (BCCI)– established in 1895, is the biggest business NGO, with more than 50 000 members. The Arbitration court at the BCCI is one of the most respected businesses and is frequently chosen as an alternative in dispute resolution. Julia also supports an Investor in Health Care start–up, with development, testing and introduction of the world’s first long-term implantable micro sensor to give people with diabetes the modern tool they deserve for monitoring glucose levels. Also, I support a software development consultancy, serving as a data protection and regulatory consultant from the design stage for online platforms, applications, e-health consumer services and products. 


Contributions by Julia Prigoncha

  • Privacy and Cybersecurity: Intersections and Challenges
    Speaker at Virtual Bulgaria KnowledgeNet: 27 April 2023
  • Member of Women Leading Privacy Advisory Board 2021 - 2022