Anca Mihaela Crisan



EMEA Data Privacy Officer

I spent most of my life handling personal data: as an IT professional, administering Human Resources Information, payroll and time and attendance systems, as well as grew and learned HR processes near HR specialists. IT systems security was always a must, especially for HR systems, and later I have experienced the personal data privacy side of HR processes, understood that ‘why do we do this’ is equally important (and sometimes more important) than ‘how we do this’.

Looks like that data privacy and compliance with rules and regulations were resonating with my personality, as it soon evolved from just a job to passion and I am working now as a DPO with focus on employee and b2b privacy.

I am a big believer of personal data protection being everyone’s responsibility, what I do every day is teach that securing information is not all it takes, that data privacy is not an HR topic, that protecting data is not only checking compliance boxes.

Why I chose IAPP? Because for me it worked, it provided me the education, training and resources I needed to develop as a privacy professional.

Why I volunteered for IAPP Romania KnowledgeNet Chapter? Because, when I am not at my desk, I would like to continue the work of those before me, nurture a culture of privacy and provide opportunities for our local community members to meet each other, share ideas and learn something new.