Elissa Levin



Director of Policy and Clinical Affairs

Elissa is a nationally recognized leader in developing innovative models for responsibly delivering genomic information to consumers, patients, and providers. She is a board-certified genetic counselor with two decades of experience in academia and industry. Her roles have ranged from clinical practice to business, marketing, and product development. She is
passionate about transforming the genetic testing user experience and building platforms to scale return of results and genetic counseling. As one of the pioneers of consumer genomics, she has promoted the consumer perspective and the need to balance technology with human touch in developing responsible models. In her current role at Helix, she leads the company’s clinical and policy initiatives, setting standards to create a trusted environment where consumers can access a broad spectrum of DNA-informed products and services throughout their lives.



Contributions by Elissa Levin

  • Emerging Privacy Solutions for Genomic Data
    Speaker at Global Privacy Summit 2019