Alice Oliva


My name is Alice Oliva; I graduated from the faculty of law in universities in France and in Thailand were I obtained two master degrees in International business law. I also hold a certificate in Mexican Law related to business strategy in data protection. 

Although my major is in International Business law, my professional career has taken me to a different path as I specialized as a Data Protection Consultant, with 3 years’ experience. I mainly specialize in the GDPR but also, in security appreciation, that is to say, knowledge of the EU, the Southeast Asia and the LATAM security standards and privacy principles with a solid knowledge of cybersecurity. 

After one year as a legal assistant in a business law firm, I started working for a Singaporean Start-up, and that is when I discovered my passion for the data privacy area. This company has developed crowd-monitoring technology based on individual cell phone signals. This required me to be familiar with localization technology, Smart cities, analysing crowd patterns, storage platform, and management software but also to be on page with all the different European regulations and security systems, among them, the GDPR. With this knowledge, I started working for the same company as Data Protection Officer. 

I have also worked as Legal Consultant specialized in Data Privacy and Cybersecurity in a Thai-French law firm, where I assisted companies to implant their services or products in conformity with the Thai and the European regulations regarding privacy, and to inform them on good reflexes in the area of cybersecurity. 

I have also worked as a consultant in data protection with a Mexican law firm in data protection. I have had the opportunity to learn about Mexican law and its regulation on data protection and security systems. This has expanded my skills in security and risk management. 


Contributions by Alice Oliva

  • Analysis of Apps for COVID-19 Management in Mexico
    Speaker at Virtual Mexico City KnowledgeNet: 16 July 2020