Nils Haag


Intersoft Consulting Services

Managing Director

Dr. Nils Christian Haag is member of the managing board at ‘intersoft consulting services’, one of Germany’s leading providers of external DPOs. His company offers consulting in the fields of data protection, IT security and IT forensics for SMEs and large international corporates with pragmatic and secure recommendations. intersoft consulting is also known from Germany’s most widely read blog on data privacy ( and the even globally frequently used website, which serves data protection experts with the legal texts of the GDPR in a neatly arranged format.

Nils routinely advises international clients as external DPO on data privacy issues since 2010. As a qualified lawyer, Nils has deep experience in European and German data protection law. He has authored numerous publications on data privacy and his doctoral thesis on the commercialization of personal data won the GDD science award in 2009. Nils is a co-chair of the IAPP KnowledgeNet in Hamburg.



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