Dominic Newton, CIPP/E, CIPM, FIP



Global Privacy Officer

I've worked in Data Protection for more than a decade now, and it's never been a more interesting time to be in privacy.  I'm a strong advocate for data protection by design, as good practice but also as a business enabler - companies that make good decisions on personal data are companies that consumers want to do business with.
I have held senior data protection roles across multiple sectors, and bring risk management experience to bear on privacy advice.  I have designed and delivered training for stakeholders from front-line social workers and teachers, to board members and rooms full of hundreds of lawyers. As well as developing privacy programmes, I have advised on complex information rights cases with HR and legal teams, as well as handling a range of significant data breaches.
At NTT Security, I get to dig into the details of global regulations while also helping the organisation to work to best privacy practice.  I get to see the different cultural approaches to privacy and data protection, in the context of a technology-focussed company on the leading edge of developing an information society for the 21st century and beyond – whether that’s driverless vehicles, wearables, or AI.  I get to think about the ethics applying technology to personal data, and influence our businesses in how data can be protected in the future.
I am a Fellow of Information Privacy with the IAPP, have held a Certificate in Data Protection since 2008, and am CIPM and CIPP/E qualified.