BlackBerry, Ltd.

Sr. Director, Privacy and DPO

Todd started his path to a career in technology at 10 years old, when he learned to program on a Radio Shack TRS-80 computer with 4K of RAM and a cassette tape recorder for data storage. His first paid gig in tech was a software developer after college, leading to decades of experience in the technology sector in addition to over 25 years practicing law. Todd has an undergraduate degree in Computer Science, a master’s degree in Digital Forensic Science and is a graduate of Loyola Law School in New Orleans. He maintains multiple privacy and technical certifications, including the Certified Information Security Systems Professional (CISSP), Certified Information Privacy Professional (CIPP) for both US and the EU, and is a Fellow of Information Privacy with the International Association of Privacy Professionals.

Todd is primarily responsible for “all things privacy” at BlackBerry, a global provider of Cybersecurity and Critical Event Management software for networks, mobile devices, laptops, and over 225 million cars. In his spare time, he is constantly maintaining his 120-year-old house, travelling to see his three grown children, and playing his guitar with a true sense of mediocrity.  


Contributions by Todd Slack

  • DPA Day: Negotiating data processing agreements from the customer and vendor perspective
    Speaker at Virtual Southern Wisconsin KnowledgeNet: February 26, 2021