Ozan Karaduman, CIPP/E


Gün + Partners

Partner, TMT Industry Data Protection, Turkey

Ozan is a partner at Gun + Partners. He has been working in relation to privacy matters since he joined the firm in 2007. He has been involved in various types of projects which had privacy elements in them, including providing advice on software developed by major software companies that collect, analyze, transfer and store abroad the personal data of the users; mobile applications developed for VoIP and data transfer; navigation applications; analyzing data collection methods by mobile operators; reviewing cookie policies, privacy policies and terms and conditions of various websites; and providing data privacy focused advice to both data driven and non-data driven companies. The variety in the nature of projects that he has been involved in provided him with different perspectives on data privacy issues and their implications in different sectors. Contact Ozan via emai at ozan.karaduman@gun.av.tr.


Contributions by Ozan Karaduman