Georgeta Oana Ducu?? (Stere), CIPP/E


Vodafone Romania

Compliance Specialist

Currently in the role of Compliance Specialist for Vodafone Romania, I'm responsible for the implementation of the privacy policy, acting as business project manager for GDPR roll-out and conduct business as usual activities like privacy impact assessments, data breach prevention, provide support for responses to customers’ inquiries, privacy risk management, deliver training sessions and raise awareness on data privacy.

I graduated both Law and Economics, and a bachelor degree in Informatics, that provided me the basic knowledge in order to understand business and to identify, evaluate and monitor compliance risks and, as a specialist, to provide recommendations for improvement.

I have a combined experience of over ten years in Risk and Compliance roles in banking and telecom businesses, out of which over 3 years I’ve been implementing the Privacy Program and assist business on privacy matters.

Aside with homologs from international and local companies doing business in Romania, I’m working to deliver amendments for the legislation proposed by public authorities and to engage with relevant authorities on data privacy subject.

You may want to chat with me on privacy, data subject rights, project management or privacy by design, and I am open to discuss on artificial intelligence and machine learning, computer science or robotics.