Mila Romanoff


United Nations Global Pulse

Legal and Privacy Specialist

Mila Romanoff is a legal and privacy specialist at the UN Global Pulse, a special initiative of the UN Secretary-General. She manages the data privacy, data partnerships and risk management programme, including across its labs in Jakarta and Kampala. Mila was the lead drafter of the first UN wide framework for the UN Development Group on Data Privacy, Ethics and Protection on Big Data for Achievement of the SDGs. She currently coordinates the Global Pulse Data Privacy Advisory Group and led the establishment of the UN Privacy Policy Group, the UN system wide forum on data privacy and data protection matters. 

Previously, Mila advised on legal matters at two permanent country missions to the United Nations and worked in the private sector as a commercial contracting and litigation attorney in New York and Ukraine. She started her career at the Department of Justice in Odessa, Ukraine, and the Kiev District Court in Odessa, Ukraine.

Mila is an active member of several legal and privacy associations as well as advisory boards. She represents Global Pulse on a number of UN and non-UN working groups on data privacy, including UN Global Working Group on Big Data and Official Statistics’ task team on data access and privacy, UN Privacy Policy Group, the Global Partnership on Sustainable Development Data.


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