David Loukidelis


David Loukidelis QC Law Corporation

Former Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia; President

David has been active in privacy and freedom of information law and practice for over 25 years. 
He was British Columbia’s Information and Privacy Commissioner 1999 to 2010, at the same time serving as Registrar of Lobbyists from 2003 to 2010. 
In 2010, the BC Cabinet appointed David as BC’s Deputy Attorney General and Deputy Minister of Justice, a post he held until 2012. 
During his time as Information and Privacy Commissioner, David issued over 200 decisions in freedom of information and privacy appeals, as well as numerous investigation reports, policy reports, and guidance materials. 
He also participated on behalf of Canada in international negotiations leading to creation and implementation of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation organization’s APEC Privacy Framework, which promotes cross-border trade while protecting privacy. 
He was a member of the Privacy Advisory Committee of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and served on other Canadian Institutes of Health Research privacy advisory committees. 
He also was Chair of the Website Working Group of the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners.
During the 1990s, David acted for numerous local governments and school boards across BC, as well as major Crown corporations and private businesses, on all aspects of privacy and freedom of information law. 
David is now acting for clients in BC and elsewhere, with his current clients including health profession regulatory bodies, offices of the Legislature, school board and other government bodies, as well as private sector clients. 
You can find more information about David’s experience and the services he provides at www.loukidelis.ca. 


Contributions by David Loukidelis

  • Genetic Privacy, Insurance and Employment: What Is the Way Forward?
    Speaker at IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2016
  • The Right to Be Forgotten: Should We Forget about it for Canada?
    Speaker at IAPP Canada Privacy Symposium 2015