Fred Carter, CIPP/C


Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario

Senior Policy & Technology Advisor

Fred Carter is Senior Policy and Technology Advisor to the Ontario Information and Privacy Commissioner (IPC). Since 2004, his primary responsibilities are to provide strategic research, information, and advisory services to IPC commissioners and management on a wide range of technology and privacy policy issues.  He is the principal author of many IPC publications dealing with online educational services, cloud computing, privacy impact assessments, information security, identity management, biometrics, and the impacts of new technologies and services.  Prior to joining the IPC, Mr. Carter worked for the Privacy Commissioner of Canada, the Standards Council of Canada, and private-sector technology organizations in similar policy and advisory roles.


Contributions by Fred Carter

  • Speaker at IAPP Symposium 2012
  • Speaker at IAPP Symposium 2011
  • Speaker at IAPP Academy 2008
  • Speaker at IAPP Symposium 2008