Scott Loughlin


Hogan Lovells

Partner and Global Co-lead, Privacy and Cybersecurity Practice

Scott Loughlin is the U.S. lead, and global co-leader, of the Privacy & Cybersecurity Group at Hogan Lovells. With more than 17 years of experience practicing data protection law, he helps clients find innovative solutions for using and protecting valuable data assets, while managing cybersecurity, compliance, and third-party risks. Scott started his career as a corporate and commercial lawyer and quickly focused his practice on the intersection between deals and data in everything from large M&A transactions, to joint ventures and strategic partnerships, to vendor relationships. Leveraging this background, Scott combines his two unique skill sets to mitigate risks and get deals done. He now leads a team of lawyers who focus their practices on third-party risk management, including strategies for implementing compliance in commercial relationships, protecting against third-party cyber risk and developing strategies for establishing commercial value in data.  

In 2022, Scott help launched a D.C. area program to help elementary and middle school students learn on their digital footprint. The program teaches kids on ways they can protect their reputations online and prevent their future social mobility from being “cancelled” through easy social media mistakes.


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