Bob Chaput, CIPP/US


Clearwater Compliance


Over the past 35 years, Mr. Chaput has worked as an educator, an executive and an entrepreneur. He has assisted businesses and individuals in developing highly secure information technology (IT) strategies that are tightly linked with their business strategies and goals. Given world events, increasingly more stringent security, privacy and compliance regulations around safeguarding personal and healthcare information (PII and PHI) along with increased business dependency on technology, his passion and focus is in helping organizations establish, operationalize and mature their information risk management programs.

Bob is no stranger to managing and protecting large amounts of data - his experience includes managing some of the world's largest HR, benefits and healthcare databases, requiring the highest levels of security and privacy. His business career spans many years of increasingly greater responsibility for all aspects of regulatory compliance and information security, with 25+ of those years covering the highly data-regulated healthcare industry. As an educator, he has continued to expand and update his knowledge base through postgraduate study, earning professional certifications and participating in professional healthcare and other organizations.


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