Pascale Gelly, CIPP/E, CIPM


Schneider Electric


Pascale Gelly, CIPPE and CIPM, is Regional Data ProtectionPrivacy Officer - EMEA at ADP.  Previously, she has developed an extensive practice of emerging and international data protection issues, in house with GE and as an outside counsel.

Gelly has been one of the players in the elaboration of the model clauses approved by the EC Commission in 2004 and in the adoption of  BCR as a data transfer mechanism. She has been playing an active lobbying role in Europe on matters including e-marketing, whistleblowing, DPOs and the simplification of notifications.

She holds a post-master degree University Paris II and an LLM Columbia Law School, New York.

Gelly is Vice-President of AFCDP French Association of Privacy Practitioners in charge of International Affairs and a leader of CEDPO Confederation of European Data Protection Organizations. She drives the AFCDP working groups on international data transfers and the GDPR.


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