Olivier Proust, CIPP/E



Partner, Privacy, Security and Information

Olivier co-heads the Technology, Outsourcing and Privacy department in our Brussels' office. As a French-qualified lawyer based in Brussels, Olivier is ideally located at the heart of Europe to monitor any legal developments in this fast-developing area of the law and to interact with representatives of the EU institutions and bodies. As a privacy law specialist, he advises organisations of all sizes and across business sectors on all aspects of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and French data protection law, including implementation of privacy policies and procedures, to conducting data protection impact assessments, or handling data subject requests. Olivier also frequently assists organisations with drafting, reviewing and negotiating data privacy clauses in customer or service agreements. Another area of his work consists in advising multinational organisations on what data transfer mechanisms to put in place when transferring personal data outside the EU (such as binding corporate rules or standard contractual clauses).

He advises organisations on how to handle data security incidents and when to notify the regulators or the individuals that are impacted by these incidents. Olivier usually advises Data Protection Officers directly on their privacy compliance strategies and often acts as an external DPO for many clients. Also, as the Data Protection Authorities become more resourceful, he assists companies during critical moments such as DPA inspections and advises them on how to respond to DPA inquiries.

Olivier advises clients in specific areas, such as consumer privacy, online e-privacy (i.e. direct marketing, cookies, etc.) and employee privacy rights (employee monitoring, whistleblowing, corporate investigations, e-discovery).

As a member of the IAPP (International Association of Privacy Professionals)'s Faculty, Olivier trains IAPP members each year on the CIPP/E certification program and speaks at many events that are organised by the IAPP. He also sits on MedTech Europe's Data Protection Committee as an external privacy expert.

He is an active contributor to our Privacy, Security & Information Blog and has written many articles both in French and English that have been published in law journals.


Contributions by Olivier Proust

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  • Member of Education Advisory Board 2018 - 2019
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