Mathias Moulin


Commission nationale de l'informatique et des libertés

Director, Rights Protection and Sanctions Directorate

Mathias Moulin has been the Director for the Protection of Rights and Sanctions Directorate at the French data protection authority (the “CNIL”) since May 2018. He implements and coordinates the enforcement and investigation activities at national and European levels. He previously served as Deputy Director for 6 years on the same topics. Mathias MOULIN was also Head of the Data Protection Officers Department for three years at the CNIL, where he was first a legal officer in charge of issues related to biometrics, digital identity, telecommunications and network surveillance


Contributions by Mathias Moulin

  • Cookies, Targeting Advertising and Email Marketing: Where Do We Stand?
    Speaker at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2019
  • One Year Post GDPR: What Actions Have Been Taken?
    Speaker at IAPP Data Protection Intensive: UK 2019
  • Understanding GDPR Enforcement
    Speaker at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2018
  • Speaker at IAPP Data Protection Congress 2012