John Russo


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VP Legal

John Russo, Vice President, Legal Counsel, Corporate Secretary & Chief Privacy

Officer for Equifax Canada Co., the largest credit reporting agency in Canada.

His responsibilities include legal services, global sourcing, all security and compliance,

regulatory, government and legislative relations, corporate governance and privacy


He sits on the corporation's board as Corporate Secretary, and has also served as

Equifax's Interim Chief Security Officer from September 2010 until January 2012.

At Equifax, he has acted in many corporate capabilities and is a member of the

Canadian Executive Leadership Team.

Prior to joining Equifax in 2007, Mr. Russo served as an Associate at Fraser Milner

Casgrain LLP, a Canadian law firm, from 1998 until 2007 where we was a member of

the firm's Financial Services & Insolvency/Workout Group.

He was an instructor and lecturer on commercial and insolvency law issues at the Bar

Admission Course of Ontario.

Mr. Russo earned a bachelor of applied arts degree in Broadcast Journalism in 1991

from Ryerson University. He received his law degree from the University of Western

Ontario Law School in 1998.

He has been quoted in various newspapers articles on privacy, fraud and identity theft,

including the National Post's fraud feature entitled On Alert for Fraud and in the

Vancouver Province article called Not Giving Any Credit to Identity Thieves.