Gretchen Ruck



Technology Strategy, Cyber Risk Executive

Gretchen Ruck is a Senior Managing Director with Ankura Consulting, where she leads cyber strategy and risk services. As a trusted advisor to established boards, senior executives and investors; she helps clients examine and address the impact of cyber threats and technology risks on their strategy and performance.

As an innovative thought leader, Gretchen has been instrumental in shifting conversations concerning cybersecurity risk and data protection from backrooms to the boardroom. She has contributed to international dialog and cooperation through collaboration with organizations including the World Economic Forum, the Obama White House, the European American Chamber of Commerce, and the French American Foundation.

Gretchen is a frequent writer and speaker on topics ranging from emerging technology trends, international cooperation, and cybercrime to inclusiveness and advocacy. Her insights on current events have been featured in The Economist, Quartz, Bloomberg, Financial Times, USA Today, Mirror, Law360, and numerous other media outlets.

Prior to joining Ankura, Gretchen held key roles at such leading organizations as AlixPartners, Moody’s, Gartner and KPMG. She holds a degree in International Business from American University and has earned industry certifications in cybersecurity, auditing, project/program management, risk management, privacy and data protection, and engineering.

In her spare time, she advises and serves as a fiduciary in leadership roles on the boards of non-profit and charitable organizations that support the needs of children and communities and on building a diverse and inclusive society.


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