Stanley Crosley, CIPP/US, CIPM


Crosley Law Offices & Red Barn Strategy


Stan Crosley is the founder and managing partner of Crosley Law Offices (est. 2010), and, along with Fred Cate, in 2022 created and launched Red Barn Strategy. Stan has more than 25 years of privacy and data strategy experience and is the former Chief Privacy Officer at Eli Lilly and Company, co-Director of the Indiana University Center for Law, Ethics and Applied Research and Adjunct Professor of Maurer School of Law, a Senior Fellow with the Future of Privacy Forum, and a Senior Strategist with the Information Accountability Foundation.


Stan was the co-founder and former Chair of the International Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Privacy Consortium,  a former member of the board of IAPP, and co-chair of the HHS/ONC Privacy and Security Workgroup. Stan’s experience extends from in-house CPO to an attorney with three separate large law firms, to appointments in academia, research NGOs, non-profit advisory boards, and federal government committees. Crosley Law and Red Barn Strategy are incredibly fortunate to work with some of the largest and most successful multinational corporations in the world, as well as small start-ups and non-profits, across the business ecosystem, including companies in personal technology, retail, retail manufacturing, pharmacy, data analytics, biopharmaceuticals, medical device, traditional and digital health care, leisure and hospitality, animal health, and cybersecurity.



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