Shailley Singh


IAB Tech Lab

Executive Vice President, Product and Chief Operating Officer

Shailley is Executive Vice President, Product Management and Chief Operating Officer at the IAB Tech Lab. He leads product management and adoption of industry standards, industry working groups management and product development for privacy, programmatic supply chain, user experience and measurement initiatives. He has led several initiatives at IAB Tech Lab namely Open Measurement SDK, Privacy Enhancing Technologies (PETs), Data Clean Rooms, New Ad Portfolio for LEAN, MRAID and Dynamic Ad Standards and DLT, Cryptography and Emerging Technologies working group.

Shailley has been focused on digital advertising most recently working at Yahoo managing mobile advertising products. He joined Yahoo from Say Media where he managed advertising operations and trafficking platforms. Shailley has a diverse background as a product leader, consultant, and entrepreneur building and sustaining high performing teams at both large organizations as well as venture funded startups like Paypal, Yahoo, Say Media, Serus, Accenture, and PwC. Shailley has an MBA and Chemical engineering degrees.


Contributions by Shailley Singh

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