Zahra Mosawi


Access to Information Commission of Afghanistan


Zahra Mosawi is the former commissioner of the Access to Information Commission (AIC) of Afghanistan. AIC was an independent government body, which monitored the implementation of Afghanistan’s Access to Information Law.

She has a master’s degree in Sociology from Bangalore University (India) and a postgraduate degree in Philosophy and Sociology from Kabul University (Afghanistan). As an Afghan journalist and writer for over a decade, Mosawi has worked with different print and broadcast media and published numerous articles and reports on social and women’s issues. 

Mosawi also worked as the Freelance PR Consultant with GIZ in Afghanistan and Editor-in-Chief of Ershadulnaswan, a weekly magazine in the Ministry of Women’s Affairs for six years. (Ershadulnaswan was the first women’s magazine in Afghanistan, established in 1921).


Contributions by Zahra Mosawi

  • General Session
    Speaker at IAPP Global Privacy Summit 2022