Blueally Technology Solutions

Roja Tanamala, CIPM

Director, Product Management

BlueAlly Technology Solutions


In my current role, I am responsible for executing strategic business initiatives and overseeing the efforts of global teams. Prior to joining BlueAlly, I held various positions in governance and management capacities across banking and technology organizations.

Implementing privacy is different for every sector and organization. I enjoy contributing to adoption initiatives to close the gap between privacy requirements and compliance.

I am passionate about growing privacy awareness and tremendously value the opportunity to serve as a Training Advisory Board member with the IAPP.

I currently live in Virginia, surrounded by family, friends, and plants.

I hold an MBA degree from the University of Madras and am a Certified Information Privacy Manager.

Contributions: Member of Training Advisory Board 2022 – 2023


Contributions by ROJA TANAMALA

  • Member of Training Advisory Board 2022 - 2023