Robbert van Eijk


Future of Privacy Forum

Managing Director, Europe

Rob van Eijk is Managing Director for Future of Privacy Forum (FPF) in Europe. Before joining FPF, Rob worked at the Dutch Data Protection Authority (DPA) for nearly ten years and has since become an authority in the field of online privacy and data protection. He represented the Dutch DPA in (inter)national meetings and as a technical expert in court. He also represented the European Data Protection Authorities, assembled as the Article 29 Working Party, in the multi-stakeholder negotiations of the World Wide Web Consortium on Do Not Track. Rob is a technologist with an M.Sc. from Leiden Institute of Advanced Computer Science and a Ph.D. from Leiden Law School.


Contributions by Robbert van Eijk

  • Now for the Stick: Enforcing Data Protection Laws
    Moderator at IAPP Europe Data Protection Congress 2019