Maria Godoy, CIPP/C


Mobi724 Global Solutions Inc.

Office Assistant

Maria Godoy has been an attorney in Brazil since 2014, where she gave lectures in the field of information technology law and had relevant work published, the most recent by Thomson Reuters.

She originally moved to Montreal, in Canada, planning to take a master's program in International Law but instead found herself passionate about privacy, data protection and compliance matters related to the legal aspects of technology. For that reason, she decided to apply for the master's program in IT Law at the University of Montreal, which she concluded in September 2019. She has been working at a fintech company in Montreal as General Office Assistant. In January 2020, she earned her CIPP/C credential through the IAPP. 

Maria is the Young Privacy Professional chair for the Montreal region. When she’s not advocating for the balance between progress and privacy in the tech industry - literally from north to south (Canada-Brasil) - Maria enjoys reading books, mostly about personal development and investment, watching TV series, working out, and cooking healthy meals.