Jason Van Beek


Office of the Senate Majority Whip

Oversight Counsel

Jason Van Beek came to the Senate in 2005 after working on Senator John Thune’s 2004 Senate campaign, and has served in a variety of advisory capacities for Senator Thune since that time.  Van Beek currently serves as oversight counsel, and before that was the general counsel and policy director for consumer protection, oversight, and investigations when Senator Thune was Chairman of the Senate Commerce Committee.  Among other things, Van Beek's current responsibilities include oversight of technology companies and privacy policy issues.  Van Beek holds  a B.A., M.P.A, and J.D.. from the University of South Dakota, and an M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies from the Naval War College.


Contributions by Jason Van Beek

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    Speaker at Global Privacy Summit 2019